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What is the API its features


It is quite obvious that a modern person, just physically can not do without a computer at this point in time, and all for the reason that it provides a completely unique opportunity to actively study, relax or work. And here it is important to understand and take into account the fact that without the presence of certain programs, the computer will not function properly, it is for this reason that the program interface of the API application is needed, it is possible to learn more about it on the website https://www.intistele.com/api the company intis telecom has specially developed this interface, which is characterized by the presence of simply limitless possibilities, and will also allow you to greatly simplify your work, which in turn is a great advantage.

It is also worth noting the fact that this platform has a large number of features, which include sending messages to both one person and a whole group of recipients at once, while using completely unique parameters for each SMS. Also, it is absolutely not necessary to send messages instantly now, because with this platform you will have a completely unique opportunity to specify a certain time, so that this very message comes at a convenient time for the recipient. There is also a so-called message sending status, which will allow you to know at any time whether the message has been delivered or not yet. Plus, there are also HLR requests that will allow you to find out the status of the recipient’s number, namely, you will be able to find out whether it is roaming at all and whether it is active at a given time, or blocked.

You will also have access to the operator detection function, so you no longer have such an urgent need to guess which operator is serving this particular number, for this you need to send a single request. Well, in the end, you will be able to request a price, which will give you the opportunity to find out in advance the cost of a message mainly to any subscriber number that is in your database.


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